Last Will & Testament

Having a last will and testament is absolutely crucial but especially so if you have minor children. Absent this document, a court will name a guardian to your children who may or may not be the person you would have otherwise chosen to raise your children in your absence.

Without a last will and testament, distribution of property and personal possessions becomes the responsibility of the court whose decisions might not be parallel to yours.

So, a last will and testament puts all the decision-making power into your hands, ensuring your last wishes are followed to the letter of the law. It provides you with peace of mind and the ability to make changes to the document over time as your life circumstances change.

The drafting of succession and legal documents is only one part of the process and services I offer, which include:

  • Providing professional counsel throughout the drafting process, making sure to answer all of your questions and concerns;
  • Ensuring clear, concise language is used so that there are no issues of interpretation or challenge to your will;
  • Archiving of your will and testament at my office so that there is always a back-up copy;
  • Putting your succession plan into action at the time of your passing.