Power of Attorney

What is power of attorney and when do you need to consider it?

When you officially give someone power of attorney you are effectively enabling them to assume full or partial control of decisions related to you, your assets and possibly even your loved ones until such time as said power of attorney is revoked. So, making this decision is no light one and it should made under the consult of a notary.

One might choose to set up a power of attorney in the case of protracted illness, absence from the jurisdiction of Quebec, or as safety-valve in case there is a sudden/unexpected incapacitation.

Power of attorney can be full or partial and therein lies the reason to have this process done with a notary. General power of attorney grants complete control to the recipient whereas specific power of attorney can be customized to meet your needs and requirements (children, assets, asset-management, dissolution of contract(s) in the event of death etc.

I will work with you to determine a customized power of attorney draft, effectively rendering a document that fully reflects your intentions and needs in the event of absence or incapacitation.