Marriage contract

What is a marriage contract?

A marriage contract is a legal document that allows you to choose a matrimonial regime which is different from the legal and regulatory regime. The legal regime is the regime that applies by default to the couples who do not have a marriage contract. Since July 1st, 1970 the legal regime is the regime of partnership of acquests.

When should a marriage contract be done?

A marriage contract can be done before the wedding but it will not enter into force until the solemnization of marriage. If you didn’t make a marriage contract at the celebration of your marriage, but you feel the need of such a document later, please note that the law allows you to switch matrimonial regime during your marriage.

Why choosing a notary for your marriage contract?

In Quebec, marriage contracts are valid only when they are signed before a notary. Moreover, as a legal expert specializing in family law, the notary will give you clear explanations as to various matrimonial regimes and advise you properly with regard to your situation.