Divorce Agreement

An amicable divorce, if agreed to by both parties is ALWAYS the best way to go, on a number of fronts. First, the costs: A contested divorce could cost thousands, even tens of thousands to litigate in court. Second, time frame: An amicable divorce can be settled and filed within weeks, a contested one could conceivably drag on for years. Third, the effect that protracted divorce proceedings have on minor children. And fourth, by allowing the courts to partition the joint estate, you give up all rights to contest. If the court decides that your spouse gets the house and the kids, you are bound to that legal decision. If on the other hand, you can come to a joint decision (possibly to sell off joint assets) and to share custody, the malaise of the divorce experience can be greatly diminished.

A draft agreement of a joint divorce is, by far, the most cost-efficient, timely and less scarring option when divorce is in fact inevitable. Let’s face it: Getting divorced is no picnic. Emotions are raw and decision-making is often impacted as a result.

Take a breath and make an appointment to see me. I will do my very best to ensure the best possible outcome for both parties. Yes, your notary can be an arbitrator, and in the case of divorce, arbitration is always better than litigation.