Civil Union & Dissolution of Civil Union Contract

Like marriage, civil union is a contract however, in the province of Quebec, civil union contracts are only recognized by the courts if they are signed before a notary.

What goes into a civil union contract is often determined after consultation with myself and both parties and are as individual and customized to your needs and concerns.

Dissolution of a civil union contract can be done within a few weeks if both parties are in accord on the details. Failing this, the courts will have to decide on such things as division of property, terms of separation and custody of children. As your notary, I will work with you both to avoid the trauma and costs of having to go to court. Mediation and arbitration as well as compromise on both parties, often yields successful result.

Before fighting it out in court with protracted lawyer fees and costs, call me. I am capable of helping you work through the details of an amicable dissolution of civil contract, with minimal legal fees and in much less time than it would take the courts.